This wine-growing area, extending north of Puget Sound from Bellingham, Washington to the Canadian border, is currently home to almost 10 wineries.

Masquerade Wines

World-Class Wines

Masquerade Wine Company has world-class, award-winning, artisan wines from some of the finest vineyards in the Pacific Northwest. Let's celebrate life.

Illuminati Brewing

We now feature our own brewery with a variety of small-batch artisan beers from classic to avant-garde with approachable spices, herbs, and fruits.

Every wine aficionado remembers when and where it happened. That first glass of wine that made you stop and go “Wow, this is great!” It's no different for us, except that it probably happened more than once! This is our improbable wine journey that has culminated in realizing our lifelong dream of owning our own winery. Contact us for more details .
We hope you enjoy reading our story as much as we've enjoyed living it. And, of course, we hope that you'll enjoy our wines. Jennifer and I met in 1999 in San Diego while working together at a biotechnology company. I was a molecular biologist, and Jennifer was an administrative assistant. She says it all started over the fax machine, but that's another story (because it has nothing to do with wine).
Not to digress, we soon started dating, and frequenting the wineries of Temecula, Santa Barbara, Los Olivos, San Luis Obispo, and Paso Robles became regular weekend jaunts for us and our trusty companion, Hogan, our German Shepherd.
We felt unique among wine tasters as we shunned the posh spas and bed and breakfast places because we preferred to camp. Time after time we'd cram the car full of camping gear and the big smelly dog and wonder as we pulled away from home how we'd find room to bring back all the wonderful wine discoveries we'd make. Somehow we always found a way.

Vartanyan Estate Winery

Just 5 minutes from exit 255 I-5 there is a boutique Winery with its
excellent wines to enjoy.
Small, women owned and operated winery by Margarita Vartanyan
produces some of the finest limited edition
wines .
Share the beauty and the bounty of magnificent Mount Baker view
from our Tasting Room or outside patio with the fireplace.

Plan your own event , fundraising , wedding , birthday or anniversary at
the winery inside (in the tasting room) or outside (on the patio) or join
us for
winery's events ; concerts at the winery... Get together with
your co-workers after busy working week or plan family gathering!
Bring your picnic lunch, share the bottle of wine on the patio.

Entertainment and knowledge over a glass of expressive and
passionate wine is the best way to warm up your soul and lift your
So go ahead, enjoy the World of Wine with us today and everyday!

Vartanyan Estate Winery is a small boutique winery dedicated to excellence; owned and operated by
Margarita Vartanyan.
Family tradition of wine-making began over centuries ago in Armenia. During Stalin's regime part of Vartanyan
family was sent to Siberia. Margarita was born in Siberia, Gorbachev's perestroika allowed family move back
to Armenia where Margarita learned family secrets of wine-making. After immigrating to USA Vartanyan family
planted the vineyard and started to make excellent wines capturing their family tradition, experience and

Inyo Winery

“Inyo” is a Paiute Indian word meaning “dwelling place of a great spirit.” Inyo Estate Vineyard and Winery takes its inspiration from the “Great Spirit” that inhabits its land. To feel the presence of this spirit, one simply needs to visit the Inyo. Located in Bellingham, Washington, the Vineyard and Winery is nestled in the woods on a south-facing slope above Lake Whatcom. It only takes a moment to feel the tranquil beauty of the pristine mountains surrounding the sparkling lake

Charles Terranova
Owner /Winemaker
Charles started his first vineyard as an experiment in 1997. Within a few years, he made his first vintage from the estate vineyard, and the result was two surprisingly delicious white wines. Since his homegrown wine was such a consistent success, in 2005 he started making red wine from grapes grown in California and eastern Washington. The more wine Charles made, the more local interest grew. As of 2011, Inyo Vineyard and Winery opened its doors for business.



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